Technical parameters:
Ambient temperature -40C...+60C
Hydraulic liquid - mineral oil based hydraulic oil
Viscosity 12..800mm2/s-permission range 20..100mm2/s recomm
Fluid temperature -15C...+80C
Max operating pressure, P=315;T=50bar A,B = 300 bar
Leakage (A, B - T) 6 cm3/min at 100 bar, 46 cSt
Nominal flow (see operating diagram) 80 l /min
Spool stroke 7 mm
Actuating force in spool axis direction < 220 N
Modification / Spools up to 4

Description: The directional mono block valve Z80 is a valve with specially machined body.The throttle channels are realized at the spool's surface. The design of the valve is implemented for applications which need precise and lightly distribution of hydraulic fluid. The construction quarantee precise metering diagram.

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