The Company was founded in 1902 as an industrial metalworking enterprise. It ranks among the first representatives of the evolving industry in Bulgaria at the beginning of 20 C. Since 1978 it has been specializing in the manufacture of hydraulic distributors and hydraulic components.

The Plant highly qualified staff and over 100-year manufacturing traditions are a guarantee of high quality and reliability of products as well as a growth and increasing market share factor.

Badestnost Plc.-manufactured products find application in the following areas: agriculture, car construction and full machinery construction range where control of direction of working fluid passage between pressure flow generators and consumers is required.

Badestnost Plc. products are known in the markets of all continents. Over 80% thereof is exported out of the country. The Company supplies hydraulic equipment to distributors and service centers in Europe, South and North America, Near East, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Company dynamic headcount involves about 70 highly qualified mechanical engineers, economists, foreign market and human resource managers.

The quality management system introduced is: QMS ISO 9001:2008-certified by IQA cert.

Since 2015
Badeshtnost JSCo
is a member of

Our mission is creating products to completely satisfy our customers’ expectations and requirements as regards reliability, quality and safety. We have taken up the challenge to develop a variety of hydraulic products and modules suiting the technical specification of similar elements users. We try to create flexible and dynamic manufacture so as to competently and promptly meet our partners’ commercial requirements.

At the beginning of 21 C. we have set several clear and definite goals to pursue:

  • Cut down development, incorporation and manufacture cycle;
  • Extend availability of our products in the markets in Asia and Far East;
  • Invest increasing amount of available resources in innovative development;
  • Continue building corporate culture and self-training environment open to our customers’ and suppliers’ needs;

Badestnost Plc. Management guarantees that the process of pursuing and achieving the goals set will involve incorporation of and compliance with all ecological and energy standards of environmental conservation declared by the Bulgarian Government and our commitments on atmospheric emission reduction as per the Declaration of Kyoto/Japan.

Our maxim: Innovations, Development, Loyal Partnership


RULES for personal data management by Badestnost JSCo

RULES for personal data management by Badestnost JSCo (bulgarian language) (.pdf - 5Mb)

RULES for personal data management by Badestnost JSCo (english language) (.pdf - 4Mb)